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I visited the ParkLiner factory this June 2013. It’s an impressive operation–an old textile mill–small but complete–tucked into a quaint town in North Carolina called Gibsonville which is just down the road a few miles from Burlington and about an hour from Raleigh. We met with Chandler, the brains and brawn behind this clever little roller.

In 2007, Chandler began design of the ParkLiner to fit his conception of what might be possible in such a small space. He personally hand-crafted the fiberglass mold, patented his special folding table and designed-in the graceful smooth lines that set this trailer apart. He says the ParkLiner’s efficiency and strength have more in common with a fine sailboat than with most camping trailers. We thought so too. It has a sleekness that is unique in this industry–no swirly decoration–just clean smooth simplicity.

What we liked:
The “feel” of more space inside. A couple of inches here and there make a big difference! This is due to the 6’ 5” ceiling height. The shower too is “standable” (yeah, tall guys will like this!)

The walls–fuzzy for insulation but not a carpet-look

Lots of cabinet space and well-used space overall

Two comfortable seating areas; a couple doesn’t have to fold away the queen bed in order to sit down to coffee and breakfast. Far more cabinet space that the competition. A vanishing bunk bed so that the ParkLiner can sleep up to four.

Nice fabric choices from Sunbrella that are durable but look very modern

A smooth-look roof line

Best use(s): This trailer is great for a young family with a couple of small kids (although, children in small spaces…well…some people deal with that better than others). Keep it stocked, make a last minute decision, and GO! However, we like the idea of implementing a few solo-traveler ideas for road-warriors (those who work and travel). Modifications could include turning the dining area into a desk/office area with the capability of mounting a computer/television monitor and perhaps pre-wired for the techies.

The ParkLiner will work for families with young children, young boomersand will appeal to the younger, single road-trippers as well. We like this little Roller a lot.

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  1. JR says:

    I don’t think Parkliner is in business. I can’t reach them by phone or email. Too bad. Looks like a nice little trailer. Take a look at the campsites–small but well made but expensive.

    • LLR says:

      We are concerned about that too JR. It’s a fine looking trailer with a lot of cool features and great possibilities…

  2. Jason D. says:

    It looks like a nice trailer for the size but I’ve been having trouble getting a hold of the company. Nice to know they still exist!

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